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27-8-03...can't tell you

I can't go into any details about what happened at this years RW7, suffice to say we had a good time, the boys enjoyed themselves, and I was pleased to finally see the new House Robot I drew for Chris Reynolds alive and punching... well shuffling amusingly. Lots of help from everyone as always, special thanks this year to Dominic of Constrictor, Team UKRobotics, who found us a couple of connectors just the right size, George Francis for taking the trouble to let me test some bits and bobs, Alan Gribble for ransacking Dereks stores ... etc etc.

This is what the boys spent a lot of their time doing instead of helping their poor old dad fix the robot... signing autographs, talking about themselves... and playing on Lee's PS2 (thankyou for entertaining the children this year team roobarb)

A selection of multiplayer games keeping the monkeys occupied.

And below we have some of the development sketches for the new house robot.

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