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RW6 Fight report

Well after we got back from Qualifiers we went straight to a school fete. and gave a tyre flipping demo, drove around a bit and generally entertained the crowd. The fete was for new Team members Richard and Ben Killners school, and by coincidence was also the school that Guy of Barberous's sister teaches at. Barberous were supposed to show, but didn't becuase they were repairing damage from the qualifiers.
As we unloaded from the fete, Neil charlwood rang to say we had a discretionary place, Adam was delighted.
We were placed in heat L, a tough one with 2 very tough robots, Bigger Brother and Behomoth. Our first fight was against Bigger Bro, Riptillion and Major Tom. Iwas pleased with the way carrot worked, we managed a running flip that rolled Major Tom around the arena, and evn had Bigger bro over and pinned at one point, but I felt bad about pinning them as they had put us back on our feet so to speak. We experienced problems when we were inverted, as the aerial was touching bodywork and messing up the signal,this was rectified by a healthy layer of duct tape.

Next fight was against Disco inferno, and I wasn't too bothered as I've never seen their disc perform as it should.... sadly it performed very well against us, and mashed us up pretty well. But like a punch drunk old boxer we just kept on limping back for more, in the end disco caught fire, and were imobilised, but judges decision went to them, so with relief we could go home.
Damage wasn't a sbad as it looked, a couple of new tyres and half an hour with the welder had us ready for extreme 2.

Extreme 2
This was the minor meltdown event , with Adam driving. We were pitted against Rick an invertable flipper with a lynch powered spinning disc, and Tetanus, a marvellous monstrosity in rust.
Suffice to say the driving was patchy with Rick tipping tetanus at one point and Adam pushing it back on it feet.... however he made up for it by doing a lovely shove and reversing tetanus into the pit.
Next round we weren't so lucky, though it made some of the best TV I've sen. we were against lambsy, and early on picked them up, shoved and pushed, but then we lost a wheel.
I have read that one should never use grub screw... I had a 3 grub screws holding the wheel carrier onto the axle, and they simply wore loose. The wheel rolled off... Mt Psyches carried back to us, and we spent the remaining 3 minutes fighting him off, and dead metal and nearly got Refbot over.
A very much more exciting fight than it could have been.
Adam was of course gutted, but managed to just about hold it together until we got back to the pits. After a few sweets he was back on form, and had decide that he was a far better driver than I , and from now on would take the lead.
A good day, and a good finish to the season.


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