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  Created and maintained since September 2000 by Rob Englebright

Ancient History

Killer carrot 2 is a much more serious bucket of fish than anything else we've so far attempted. At first we thought we'd like an axe, a flipper, a disc cutter....and these sketches show what we came up with:

disc cutter and ramming spikes, keeping carrots original big wheels and running upside down configuration

Spiked flipper and nose spike (real back of the envelope stuff)

Inspiration comes from those robots that achieved success without fancy weaponry, but by sheer brutal ramming power.

Watching Tornado smash Gemini against the arena barrier when we were reserves, I became convinced this was the way to go.

However being an agricultural fellow we have access to a range of nasty things to ram people with. The whole design of carrot 2 rotates around a large bale spike, focussing all the punch into one point instead of tornado's multiple points.

First step was to visit our local kart race track who gave me 4 wheels and tyres, thankyou Crawley indoor racing.

Then we managed to procure some more meaty speed controllers, a pair of 4QD NCC 60 24's which put out about 70 amps hot, and around 100 cold. What's worrying is that the guys we bought them from  (Rotracktor) are moving up to 300amp speedies! They generously donated a spare DCI board which means I don't have to salvage anything from Carrot 1, and with a bit of slimming down he should be up for the middleweight class for Wilson's day 2001.

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