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16/10/00- bits and bobs

Cylinder, valves and pipe-work have all arrived, I'm now waiting for some axles and motors from Roger Plant.

Once all the gear is together The steel which is cluttering up the office can be mocked up to find the most effective chassis shape. I'm inclined to use some steel mesh for armour as I've become infatuated with dead Metal, and it's bizarre Mad Max looks, but I will still have some panels for the Carrots "face".

Having trouble with regulators at present, the one I've got only does 2.5 bar which is nowhere near the pressure I'm hoping for, however BOC want 187 for a Co2 regulator.

Today I also took delivery of an air chisel, only 9.99 from Northern Equipment, but reasonably rugged and capable of delivering 5000 blows per minute running at 90 psi, I'll test it in the workshops on Wednesday, but it looks to be a most cheap and effective weapon. Pictures to follow.

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