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  Created and maintained since September 2000 by Rob Englebright
  last updated 25-5-02

The following sites have some really useful robot building or web site construction information on them: This is what we've all been waiting for. Paul Cooper has created a site selling everything you could ever need to build your robot, and it's not overpriced. Cheaper and more convenient than RS Components! Better friendlier service than anywhere else. Paul knows his onions as well, he runs the robot M2, which we first met as Mincer back in the Summer of 2000 at the Uckfield bash. M2 is a terrific evolution with a terrific flipper running at 16bar. : Free hit counter that works, unlike the frontpage ones, (freeserve don't support frontpage extensions)However now I'm a grown up and have cast aside childish things (Frontpage), the counter is still useful, and links to a site that keeps stats on your site. : pages of useful bits, some aren't as cheap as they appear when you add VAT and delivery, Don't buy Hawker batteries from them, (see warning tale on Tornado site) : these guys sell lots of dodgy hydroponic (i.e. hash growing gear), but also some cheap batteries, Micro kiels, 12v 18Ah, hopefully legal now, but you can never tell. (Probably better to get them from Paul Cooper's Technobots) : The official uk site, the only useful bits are the discussion forum and the technical datasheets, it hasn't been updated in places for Years.(Bad, bad Adam) :Team Tornado site, these guys built one hell of a machine. It's ramming power nearly smashed down the safety barrier, just watch it trash gemini in RW4, (and gemini was damned impressive too) They are now top seeds, (and jolly nice chaps), and regularly turn up at non RW events. : Of course. Helpful hints and calculations and a jolly helpful company too, reasonably affordable, (not as expensive as the rest ) speed controllers : Hey its George Francis's electronics site, the RF1 failsafes cost about 14 and work :Very helpful site, and useful free catalogue which lets you work out costs for different gear setups, which will all be outrageously expensive, and make you think again about using chain instead. :Alternatively you can buy your motor and gearbox from the big cheese boys, theirs certainly worked ok. Roger Plant is an intersting character, and very helpful if the mood takes him. :Helpful company, supplying identical battery to the originally unapproved Kiel at twice the price, don't tell my wife. :Here be the antweight stuff as well as Big Pants. Useful section on antweight rules and modifying servos. Pete Collier is the man who launched a thousand (well maybe a hundred) antweighteers, though Adam Clark claims the glory of creating the format. Antweights are excellent fun, cheaper to build than heavyweights, won't strain you back or smash up your living room. Very helpful sponsors of our pneumatic system, maintain all the extinguishers at my college too. Graham Leacock, one of the most friendly blokes on the planet, with shed loads of very useful engineering surplus including very cheap pneumatic components, like cylinders for 35. Getting low on cylinders these days, but still has shed loads of things you never knew you wanted until you looked at his site, take care it's as bad as looking in an RS components catalog and suddenly realising you simply can't live without a left handed thingle sprocket.