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12/2/01-Big Ram

Still haven't done anything much. I've spent time debating the shape of the new 'bot. Traditionally KC has been an invertable wedge. this however prevents us using an oxygen regulator as it would probably ice up if inverted. I've still got a strong urge to fit the air chisel , and the extra 20kg's added in the new rules mean I might just succeed. Mark is keen to use a suction gripper, to stick on to the opponent then pummel it. Whatever, we've got the drives, we've got the speed controllers, we've got most of the pneumatics and we've got the lexan and steel. We've even got some new thicker cable, 6mm2 which hopefully won't get so warm, and some capacitors to prevent interference (Thanks Paul!)

Simply need to put it all together. As soon as KC1 is up and running we'll get on with KC2.  KC1 will also give us a chance to get used to driving , as I've probably only clocked up about half an hour of robot driving all told, It should also give us a chance to test out the gyro....

I leave you with a picture of our main ram SMC 100-125, close to 800kg's of lift, better make those welds a little stronger!

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