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22/9/00 Decisions...

Term has started back at college so I'm snowed under inducting students, however I have had time to sort out the pneumatics order. I've sent off for an SMC LDT100-125 piston with a couple of SMC VS 3135 3 port valves and some AQ3000quick exhausts, all from Graham Leacock, who is an unreasonably helpful chap.

Following Killerhurtz recommendations on the RW forum I phoned up a local fire extinguisher company "Pyrotec" who service our college, and asked if they had any spare extinguishers I could use for the high pressure side. They very generously gave me 2. Then I found out the regulations require the extinguishers to be under 5 years old, so I e-mailed them and they are giving me another 2, all I can say is Thanks.

I'm still chewing over motors, but it looks like I'll be using Roger Plants Litton motors and cut down axles as it seems the least expensive route.

I'd hoped to get some Bosch GPA's but Wheely big cheese did ok with the Littons, and they are considerably cheaper.

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