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  Created and maintained since September 2000 by Rob Englebright

Team killer carrot started as Team GM Farm, a poor attempt at humour, the idea was that the killer carrot was a genetically modified form of life... however this went down like a lead balloon at Robot Mayhem, so we stuck to Carrots, because the robot was orange.... and sort of pointy... feeble I know but what can I say.

Dom (6)and Adam(9), the brains behind Team Killer Carrot, enjoy fighting, climbing on furniture and playing Pokemon on Gameboy. Dislike eating normal food, tidying up or behaving like human beings.

Dom, alias Monkey boy is prevented from attending Robot Wars due to his age and criminal record.

Adam, alias Dodge only wants to build a qualifying robot so he can get his club membership fee back.

Rob (34),alias Zorro, (or Big Rob) Team Captain and tired father. Used to be a fox so cunning and free, now does a day shift at Plumpton College lecturing in Agriculture, IT and stuff, and a night shift as a freelance illustrator. Inept robot builder and visionary.
New Boy, Mark, alias Bob the Builder. Can he fix it? well he'll give it a go and he probably knows a man who can do you a good deal. Robot Wars fanatic and chief of acquiring stuff, (all legitimate , honest!)