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  Created and maintained since September 2000 by Rob Englebright


6/7/03 Dark reign

After running dark Carrot at a couple of events several mods have been made.
The batteries have been bulked up to 24v, to stop the relay drop out we were experiencing at 18v, and because of the increased speed at 24v the wheel size has dropped to 7cm. This removes the ability to do Dantomkia spins, but doesn't warm the motors up so much, as the wheels spin.
The original ram jammed open and was replaced by a slightly heavier item, putting the whole build a bit overweight. This could be rectified simply, but to be honest I enter so few competitions that it doesn't seem worth it.
The whole set up works remarkably well, and has plenty of shove, the flipper has plenty of flip throwing out all of our opponents at the Inspire event, Cutlet, catrip and Bodgeit, only sucmbing to Rampage 2, due to feeble driving on my part and a broken link in the nicad pack.
In theory Dark carrot is Adams robot, but it gets shared around quite a bit.

16/8/02- Birth of a monster.

Here he is, built in a week, though still in need of "refining", much of the build is "Duck taped" in place so I can do some test runs, but The basics are in place.
12kg's of brutality. Power comes from 2 power devil 18v cordless drill motord that I bought in 1999 to build our first robot wars entry... back before I realised they weren't big enough. The speed controllers are from KC1, a pair of ncc 35 24's, again purchase in 1999 before I realised they weren't big enough.
Having said that the 35's have powered KC1, and 2 , so they work ok. Wheels are screwed onto the drill gearbox outlet and R clipped in place. The flipper is a Festo 40x100, that was in KC1, but broke, when we smashed the lifting arm. It should have a tip lift of 128kg at 10bar, which results in the ability to lift about 20kgs at the tip through a height of 60cm.
The system is powered by illegal sodastream technology that was in KC1, with special adaptor made by Woody, cheers chap.

The regulator is a Oxygen cutting reg that was bought for kc1, and the solenoid is a 5/3, In fact there are 2x 5/3 on that manifold, and oce I've done the final weigh in I may slice off half the manifold, as it weighs a few grammes. Chassis is absolutely gorgeous 15x15mm ERW, which welds beautifully, (if I use the decent welder at work). The mixer will eventually be the prototype board that Dominator team gave me to test,as Chris is sending a new production board out for KC2.

Well, that's all for now, Adam will be driving it at Southfields, so the batteries are on charge for driving practice.