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  Created and maintained since September 2000 by Rob Englebright

RW Qualifiers 2002 - Life's hard when your 9.

We went to the RW qualifiers and what happened?
We lost to a team that did no damage to us whatsoever. The man said we might get a discretionary place, but I don't think so somehow.
We got there and had to wait for ages in queue, while while we waited for all the other cars to unload. Then we got weighed.
We registered and did our transmitter check and sat down and waited. We didn't do much apart from reading books and going to the loo and eating. Then we found we'd been shifted so we had to wait another load of hours. Then when we were about to go on we had to go in with another bunch of robots, Night raider and Derek2, Derek 2 won, and it's was bloomin unfair too!