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  Created and maintained since September 2000 by Rob Englebright

This part of the site details the build diary, and competitions of Killer Carrot 1. The most recent entry is shown, and previous entries are listed in the archives.

9/2/01- Hmmmm....

I have found that if I feel obliged to get on with something that I don't want to do, i.e. getting down to some illustration work, then I will much more readily get on with lots of other tasks,  hence the recent burst of energy with KC1. I have got the rams, valves, regulator, (currently being adapted at work), have welded up extra struts to the chassis, knocked up a lift arm and covered the little fellow in lexan. I've mounted the ball transfer units and even managed to negotiate with M&P over the chains and sprockets (still haven't arrived though). I have mounted all the electronics and made up much neater brackets for the pot/servo connection. The current aim is to get a single ram operating a lift arm, and maybe set up a surrender flag with the other.

I had fun working out how the solenoid valve operates, and connected it to the battery the wrong way causing  a huge explosion and much melted wire, Graham Leacock sorted me out and I removed a surge voltage protector and lamp from the solenoid housing. soldering the connections direct.

I thought I'd have plenty of room but yet again it's going to be a real squeeze getting everything in, especially bits like the valves which are such an awkward shape.

We have also got the laser running.... photos to follow.

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