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  Created and maintained since September 2000 by Rob Englebright

This part of the site details the build diary, and competitions of Killer Carrot 1. The most recent entry is shown, and previous entries are listed in the archives.

13/2/01- Still waiting for the gears.... so no wheels yet
Revised Specifications for Killer Carrot 1
Chassis Mig welded 35x15mm 2mm box ERW steel, forming a 400x400x200  cross-braced perimeter frame.
Motors 2 x 24v surplus hi torque (weedy) motors from display electronics. (Don't buy these, save your cash and buy something decent from Roger Plant)
Speed Controllers 2 x 4QD NCC35-24 through a DCI, pots linked to 2 Futaba S3003 servos.
Radio gear Futaba Skysport  T6YFK, 6 Channel Tx, 40MHz fm, FP-R138DF 8 channel dual conversion receiver, with 1 RF-1 failsafe.
Weight Middleweight, under 50kg
Drive train Motorcycle sprockets and chains 8.2:1 reduction on new 10" pneumatic tyres, giving around 8.5mph top speed 
Batteries 2  Micro kiel 18AH 12v's
Weapons 40mm pneumatic ram giving around 60kg's of lift via a pivoted arm, rear mounted spikes for ramming.
Armour 3mm BASF RESART polycarbonate
Special features

Can run upside down.


So here we have the smashing new chassis with new crossmembers, clad in an attractive BASF LESART, that's polycarb to you and me. You can see the "snout" on which the flipper will rest.

This is head on with the new paint job... strangely enough we've gone for fluorescent orange again. The paint is applied to the reverse side of the polycarb so it can't be scratched off, but it does mean I had to paint back to front, which was weird
And here's the top panel, the slot on the top is for the flipper. The ball transfer unit is at the back giving us "upsidedowny" operation.
Standing on it's tail, (yes we've got to weld on a spikey tail to prevent it doing just this in the arena) you can se the rough position of all the electronics. The pneumatic valve block is on the left back, speed controllers mounted on either side, pot/servo interfaces are on the right and the laser is dangling loose on the end. It will be a miracle if we ever manage to squeeze everything into such a tiny box!
Ah look at this, there are the new servo pot connections, and the servo failsafe cut out switch. Unfortunately I've had to saw it all up to fit inside.

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