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26-5-02 The Angle Grinder diet

Well here we are the bare frame of KC2 from the front, or what was the front.
Weight had to be shed in abundance, and sadly I had to loose the big spike (that fared so well, putting holes in Lightning, Mulsanne Monster, Panic attack, and so many others). I should have simply ditched the chequer plate ally armour, but I can't afford to keep replacing axed motors and speed controllers, so the armour stays and I loose a weapon.
Next step is to get out the plasma cutter and slice off any other unnecessary bits, and grind excess stuff away.
A couple of members need to welded into the front and the frame is going to have all the rust wire brushed off, and a coat of rust convertor, then a thin coat of hammerite. I also need to fix up a couple of outriggers to provide a leverage point for the flipper. So much work, so little time.
I'm picking up the steel tommorow lunchtime, castor wheels arriving from screwfix tommorow (and a nice new trolley to save my back!) ,a new extinguisher ordered from Technobots, and a NiMh Tx battery which should keep the signals running for twice as long....more as and when


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