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  Created and maintained since September 2000 by Rob Englebright

This part of the site details the build diary, and competitions of Killer Carrot 1. The most recent entry is shown, and previous entries are listed in the archives.

24/3/01- All together

Well... look at this the little fellow is up and running, finally got the drive chains sorted out, We took it for a test in the church hall, and we've got loads more torque thanks to the reduction gearing, unfortunately we've also got quite a lot of wheel spin, and we were starting to make nasty black marks all over the floor, so had to stop.

I took KC to work to try and have a good thrash but, the brakes on the car seized on the way so I spent my lunch hour stripping them down instead of testing. Next week I'll take it in, give it a good thrash, assuming the weather is fine, and try and fit the gyro, as the steering remains a little sensitive

I've started welding up a pivot for the flipper, and Gary at work soldered up an adapter to the regulator, all we need now is some more flexible pipework, as the nylon stuff has a good bore size but won't bend around the tight turns. finishing touches needed include some ramming spikes on the rear, the removable link, and a couple of lexan panels to cover the side of the battery.

Time to concentrate on the big boy now!

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